One of my closest friends and the one that I’ve known the longest decided to start her own business 2,5 years ago. I must say she inspired me to start my own as well. She was given the chance to settle her office in the old family home of her grandparents. A beautiful and more than characteristic home situated in the middle of the woods. I had the honour to spent quite some afternoons there when we were little. Building tree houses, laying out quests, playing dress up and so on. Back when we haven’t had a care in the world, back when we built our dreams on fairytales.
This home was just perfect for The Style Lion’s office, this was the perfect creative vintage hide-away for this Lioness. Unfortunately we both knew that her office in the woods wouldn’t be there to stay and Leonie therefore approached me at the beginning of February this year to collaborate and capture both her office as the rest of this magical house. This way we would create a time capsule for herself and her family with a bittersweet taste to it. I’m proud to present the final result of this lovely, inspiring and melancholic afternoon in the woods, which is captured into this photo album: FROM LUCY WITH LOVE X THE STYLE LION

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The mind of the lioness behind The Style Lion is always on the move.
It’s like a butterfly exploring each and every garden.
Picking the cherries out of the crazy bunch of existing or even ready to be discovered fashion.
Her mind goes far beyond the mainstream, she goes out of her way to find those unexplored and untouched creeks. She rides her own waves and is open for all positive impulses to inspire her along the way.
With an innovative look on style and fashion Leonie wants her followers to think outside of the box.
Not to only follow by example, but also to be inspired and to spread the word towards others.
The Style Lion can therefor be seen as a lifestyle/movement. Sustainable vintage can most definitely be combined with basics, both in clothing as in interior. TSL can be your daily guideline. By looking into the blog, checking the Instagram account or reading the latest Facebook post you can either start or finish the day with a fresh outtake on life and all that it has to offer…